1. Definition Unless otherwise specified in these specific terms for the Ok Taxi service, defined terms in the main terms of use shall have the same meanings in these specific terms for the Ok Taxi service.

Taxi Driver: means a taxi driver who is registered with the Company pursuant to the terms and conditions between the Company and the taxi driver, as specified in the Ok Taxi Driver Application Terms of Use, in order to provide the Ok Taxi Service to the User.

Ok Taxi Service: means the transportation service for taxi passengers whereby the User can hail the Taxi Driver to pick up and drop off the User at the destination but shall not include delivery of goods or things.

Ok Taxi Driver Application means: the application or the website developed, owned and operated by the Company as a technological platform used as an intermediary for the Taxi Driver to manage and provide the Ok Taxi service.

2. Agreement: In addition to the terms of the main terms of use, the user of the Ok Taxi service agrees to comply with the following terms.

2.1 The Company is merely an information provider and technological operator to facilitate contact and submission of transportation service requests that are sent from customers to the Taxi Drivers with the function of estimating duration for the pick-up and transportation and providing information to contact the Taxi Driver. However, the Company is not a transportation service provider, nor does it provide a service or any act which would be deemed that the Company is a transportation service provider or taxi service provider. The Company is not involved in the transportation service itself and is not responsible for the transportation service. Any transportation service is an independent and direct affair between a customer and the Taxi Driver.

2.2 The User shall not use the Ok Taxi service to deliver products or things in any case. If there is an occurrence of issue from the use of the Ok Taxi service to deliver products or things, the Company shall not hold any responsibility in any case and a driver has the right to reject the request.

2.3 The transportation service shall be deemed the Taxi Driver's independent provision of service and not the Company's service. The User considers and accepts transportation services and voluntarily accepts any risk that may arise from the Taxi

Driver's transportation service on their own. The Company shall not have any duties and responsibilities, whether directly or indirectly, for any damage arising from special circumstances with regard to the Taxi Driver's actions and/or omission of services to the customer and/or breach of agreement; and/or wrongful act as committed by the Taxi Driver, such as loss of or damage to the User's luggage or property, the Taxi Driver's delay or misconduct in providing the service, any damage or trouble with the vehicle or taxi, or missing important events, meetings, or flights due to a delay in services. The User agrees not to make any claim against the Company.

3. Denial of Warranty: The Company hereby fully denies any involvement with any transportation service for passengers or luggage of the User which is unlawful or carried out illegally in any respect.

4. Use of Service: When the user calls us and requests a taxi to confirm use of the Ok Taxi service, the system will automatically send the request to the Taxi Driver. The purpose of the Ok Taxi service is to facilitate the User in submitting the request and contacting the Taxi Driver for passenger transportation services via taxi. The Ok Taxi service is a passenger transportation service, not a delivery service.

Service Fee and Payment

The User shall be responsible for all road congestion, toll, expressway and/or highway fees. The User may pay for the service fee and transportation fee by cash or via zelle pay or any other methods as adjusted by the Company from time to time. The User shall be solely responsible for any expense in communicating with the Taxi Driver.

6. Conditions For Using the Service Each time the User uses the Ok Taxi service, the User agrees to comply with the following provisions. If the User fails to comply with any of these provisions, the Taxi Driver has the right to reject the request.

6.1. The number of passengers shall be limited to a maximum of four persons per one vehicle except for van type vehicles.

6.2. The User is advised to fasten the seat belt every time when using the taxi transportation service. The User agrees to be responsible for any damage or legal fine incurred (if any) arising from the non-compliance thereof.

6.3 The passenger may carry luggage with a maximum weight of 20 kilograms per piece. The luggage must be of a size and quantity that can fit into a taxi. The user agrees to be responsible and take care of their luggage and things.

6.4 The user shall not smoke or drink any alcoholic beverage in the taxi. The User agrees to be responsible for any damage or legal fine incurred (if any) arising from the non-compliance thereof.

6.5. The passenger must not carry, into the vehicle, any weapon, explosive device, or thing or materials that causes danger or risk of danger when traveling.

6.6. The user is asked to keep the vehicle clean and not to conduct any action that will cause damage to the vehicle and equipment in the vehicle. If the vehicle or equipment in the vehicle is damaged, the User shall be responsible for all such damage which occurs.

6.7 The passenger shall not bring food that has a strong smell or things that can cause unwanted smells into the vehicle.

6.8. The user shall not bring any type of animal in the vehicle without prior notice in the service request.

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